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Persistence and Passwords

Since it was suggested that we reflect in writing on these tools we are using, I’ll continue to try to do that here. I’ve persisted with Netvibes even though I use a different aggregator, and decided that I’d use the Netvibe one to gather the Learning Altogether Blogs of the people who sounded interesting. I’m really enjoying reading people’s posts so I’m glad I stuck with it. 

The other thing that occured to me is the entire issue of logins and passwords! As we use more and more tools, it becomes necessary to have more and more passwords and logins. I keep an addresss book JUST to record all my passwords. I now enter the site title as the last name, and then I record all my information. I know that pundits suggest you not write down passwords etc. but I’m at the age where if I don’t write it all somewhere, I’m not going to remember it later!


2 Responses to “Persistence and Passwords”

  1. Passwords! I have so much trouble even thinking up all the passwords that are required everywhere. And I so completely agree with you about having to write them down. I have to admit I have been putting them on little slips of paper (and of course misplacing half of them) and promising myself to get a notebook. Your post is the push I need to do it. Thanks!

  2. Hi Margaret,
    Glad I could help! I had to laugh when I read about the little slips of paper… only because I’ve been there! After the pieces of paper and the occasional post it note (that lost its stickiness and flew off somewhere), I then tried notebooks, but I’d forget which notebook I’d put the latest passwords into so finally I bought an address book! It went missing from its usual place in the house a few months ago and I was alternately frantic and miserable! Frantic when faced with the possibility that I’d never find remember all the passwords and usernames, and miserable because I couldn’t access some of my regular sites!

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