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“Magic is just technology that someone understands”

I don’t know where I read or heard that quote, but I can’t help but feel it sums up perfectly my thoughts. I am awestruck by some of the technological things I’m experiencing lately. I’m not talking just about the blog and the RSS that we’ve been using… I’m talking about other things I’ve been experimenting with such as creating a Playlist that will start automatically on my blog or being able to take a survey using cellphones and have the results appear on a web page, updating live as people vote, or using a plain old ordinary phone to create a podcast. (I haven’t quite been able to make that one work, but I’m hoping I’ll get the kinks ironed out soon.)

My point is that, to someone like me, who doesn’t understand the coding behind what I’m doing, or even the mechanics of how why it works, most of this stuff really does appear to be magic! I’m just so enchanted by technological wizardry that sometimes I feel like I’ve been dropped into a magic world. (Mind you, I’m still amazed by the concept of radio, and the fact that sound waves can travel through the air and not get disrupted by birds or blocked by buildings!)

My son, who is seventeen, doesn’t feel my amazement. He can’t remember a time without text messaging, and iPods etc. because by the time he became interested in such things (a teenageer) they were already in place. I ALMOST feel a bit sad for him. When I was trying to describe the process of creating a MIXED tape, which we used to do for special occasions, I could see that he was struggling with the concept, and he said, “It’s a lot easier just to create a playlist and hook your iPod to some speakers.”

Yes… it is. Easier and therefore, for me at least, so much more magical!

I’m dating myself, but click on this link http://tinysong.com/18Ft , and then choose Play Song from the right hand side IF the song doesn’t start right away. It will sum up my feelings.

Janice in Wonderland


One Response to “Enchanted”

  1. I love the magic song and that is exactly how I feel. Everything happens so fast now. The web 2.0 stuff fascinates me but I feel like I can’t keep up. Love how you put the song in your blog. I don’t know how to do that yet.

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