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I find the whole idea of group editing without ownership to your contribution to be an interesting one to wrap my head around.

When I have students work collaboratively, I’ll often ask the kids to each write in a different colour; it’s not as hard as it sounds because one of the four almost always has some kind of funky psychedelic ink pen, and the others just use pencil, and black or blue ink.

I like the idea of using it as part of a collaboration, but does who contributes what no longer matter? Does one person do all the work and the rest of the group take the credit? That might be the wrong way to think about wikis, and perhaps I should worry about who is doing the  work but I’m trying to replace the camping scenario from the video, with an acutally educational purpose instead.

I think it would be really great to share a wiki with students from a neighbouring school, expecially if you were doing a novel study. All the kids can read the book and then have an online discussion. What about having a novel shared amoung SEVERAL schools!!! That would be really neat.

I don’t think wikis shoud be assessed, but with the press for marks, how can you devote the time to letting them. What does everyone else think?

I tried to edit the SLJ site, but it would let me in, even though I was signed in!!!!!! It kept telling me I had to sign in.

More thoughts, when I’m not falling asleep at the keyboard.


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