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Library 2.0

After a vacation in Calgary to watch my son’s team compete in the Canadian Ultimate Championships, I’m back to the All Together Now learning. (My son is the one with the disc, beating the four person cup).

We’ve been asked to create a post about what Library 2.0 means to us personally.

For me, it just means taking the Web 2.0 tools, and figuring out how those tools can best help me get my library job done. For example, if my main responsibilities are teaching the students research skills – how does Web 2.0 help me do that. If I’m interested in improving my Reader’s Advisory service, how does Web 2.0 help me do that. How do Web 2.0 tools help me communicate and help teachers?

One of my huge frustrations is that many of the exciting things I learn about, turn out to be blocked by my board. It’s hard to get people turned on to using something that isn’t accessible at their work location. I can’t see much of a way around it either because people have to have awareness of the tool, and time to practice and use it, and if it is blocked at school, how will they know about it, and when would they find time to become familiar with it. SO FRUSTRATING. Often the IT guys at my board don’t have sites blocked, so they can’t imagine our frustration since they never have to experience it!


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