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Drugged Exhaustion

March 6, 2009

Some evenings I am so tired that I feel like someone has slipped a sedative into my after dinner tea. Tonight is one of those nights. As I try to catch up with my RSS feeds, my eyelids close for longer and longer times, until finally the nod of my head snaps me back to […]

Be careful what you wish for! Slice of Life March 4

March 5, 2009

I’m always searching for new ways to entice students into reading. I’d heard about Shelf Talkers (from several places), and decided to try one last night.  I wrote an appealing blurb on an index card and taped it underneath the book I wanted to promote. If the shelf talker worked, the book would get signed […]

Weekends are for Frittering – A Slice of Life – Day One

March 1, 2009

Weekends are always so fleeting. They arrive full of the promise of endless free hours, and suddenly Sunday night has arrived and I reflect not on what I have accomplished, but on all the things I haven’t. By Sunday night, I can count on having laundry I haven’t washed or folded, papers I haven’t marked, […]