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Be careful what you wish for! Slice of Life March 4

I’m always searching for new ways to entice students into reading. I’d heard about Shelf Talkers (from several places), and decided to try one last night.  I wrote an appealing blurb on an index card and taped it underneath the book I wanted to promote. If the shelf talker worked, the book would get signed out as a result of someone reading my shelf talker.

Today, I was out of the building for the morning and the afternoon was a little chaotic. When school ended, I noticed that the book was gone. Excited to see who had signed it out, I logged into the system, only to discover that the book hadn’t been signed out at all! It had been taken, right off the shelf, without anyone signing it out. Stolen!

My elation instantly soured into a ball of bitterness which then morphed into a confusing mix of annoyance and amazement. I’d obviously been successful in tempting someone into reading the book, but I didn’t want it to work that well! I wanted to create a reader, not a thief.

I’m crossing my fingers that tomorrow the book thief will seek me out to confess that they were so tempted to read that they just “forgot” that they had to sign the book out first. Then they’ll tell me how awesome the book is so far, and all will end happily ever after. Sigh.


2 Responses to “Be careful what you wish for! Slice of Life March 4”

  1. I feel your frustration. It’s hard to swallow a student forever borrowing a book. Let’s hope they’re up all night reading because they just couldn’t put it down.

  2. Oh my! That wouldn’t have been an end result I’d ever have imagined. How crazy-making. I hope the reader/accidental thief comes in to see you tomorrow!

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