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SO much great stuff

April 24, 2017

Lately I’m overwhelmed by the abundance of material out there that is just calling my name. Even though I spend a large chunk of my time reading on the weekends, I’m never as caught up as I’d like to be with the material. Ideally, there would be three day weekends and one of those days […]


July 22, 2016

So I’ve taken several OTF summer institute courses now and my mind is just reeling with ideas. The problem is even if I dedicate the rest of the summer to learning there just isn’t going to be enough hours for me to pursue all the things I’d like to pursue.  My question now is, “how […]

Drugged Exhaustion

March 6, 2009

Some evenings I am so tired that I feel like someone has slipped a sedative into my after dinner tea. Tonight is one of those nights. As I try to catch up with my RSS feeds, my eyelids close for longer and longer times, until finally the nod of my head snaps me back to […]

Be careful what you wish for! Slice of Life March 4

March 5, 2009

I’m always searching for new ways to entice students into reading. I’d heard about Shelf Talkers (from several places), and decided to try one last night.  I wrote an appealing blurb on an index card and taped it underneath the book I wanted to promote. If the shelf talker worked, the book would get signed […]

Weekends are for Frittering – A Slice of Life – Day One

March 1, 2009

Weekends are always so fleeting. They arrive full of the promise of endless free hours, and suddenly Sunday night has arrived and I reflect not on what I have accomplished, but on all the things I haven’t. By Sunday night, I can count on having laundry I haven’t washed or folded, papers I haven’t marked, […]

Library 2.0

August 19, 2008

After a vacation in Calgary to watch my son’s team compete in the Canadian Ultimate Championships, I’m back to the All Together Now learning. (My son is the one with the disc, beating the four person cup). We’ve been asked to create a post about what Library 2.0 means to us personally. For me, it […]

Where’s Matt

August 10, 2008

Where’s Matt

Ultimate throw

August 6, 2008

Ultimate throw, originally uploaded by janicerobertson. I love to fool around with Photoshop; expecially when I start with a picture I like. I took this during a Dirt practice, and I really like the effect of the spin filter. I think it is just enough to make the photo really interesting.


August 2, 2008

I find the whole idea of group editing without ownership to your contribution to be an interesting one to wrap my head around. When I have students work collaboratively, I’ll often ask the kids to each write in a different colour; it’s not as hard as it sounds because one of the four almost always […]

Favourite Podcasts

August 1, 2008

I’m a bit late getting to this, but my favourite podcasts are: The One Minute How To – where individuals come on to the show, which is only about 2 -4 minutes long, and they tell you how to do something that they know very well, in one minute. The diversity of topics is up […]